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At the heart of the ocean

Generally, we discuss the merit behind the application of foam within the construction industry, however in this blog we will take a detour down a coastal highway. Foam’s versatility has helped evolve a pastime that has been part of the Australian culture since 1915. Surfing. First introduced t..... Read More

Innovative Council using waffle pods to address construction cost challenges

The job of maintaining and upgrading local roads, bridges and waterways is a constant challenge for local Councils, a balance between delivering good services for their community while working within budgets and timeframes. Recently, MidCoast Council in NSW presented an innovative solution at the..... Read More

Foamex supports national audit into cladding materials

In the wake of the Grenfell disaster in London and similar Melbourne Lacrosse building fire in 2014, the Australian media and local and state Government bodies have been driving investigations into potential buildings in Australia that could face the same dangers. The material in question in the Gr..... Read More

Long term cost benefits of polystyrene insulation

Expanded Polystyrene or EPS is a highly durable building and insulation material, designed to offer superior, constant insulation performance over their entire service life of more than 50 years. The exceptional R Value of polystyrene used as insulation maximises your energy savings and level of co..... Read More

Why polystyrene is still the best for protective packaging?

Polystyrene has been the material of choice for protective packaging for many years due to its inherent qualities that make it ideal to protect goods in transit and storage. Polystyrene Protective Packaging Polystyrene is strong and durable and capable of absorbing high impacts, making it a..... Read More

EPS Signage and 3D lettering gets you noticed

3D signage is sure to get your brand or product noticed - its the first thing everyone sees and from quite a distance. 3D signage and EPS lettering has a unique look that simply can't be matched by other signs. 3D signs grabs people's attention in a way that traditional or digital signs s..... Read More

Six unusual ways to use Foamex polystyrene

Polystyrene has been around for nearly 200 years, having first been discovered in 1839 by German apothecary Eduard Simon when he isolated a substance from natural resin. So, there has since been plenty of time to find many different uses for polystyrene. And while there’s plenty of obvious examp..... Read More

Australian-made XPS versus imported XPS

Despite the doom and gloom stories about Australian manufacturing, there is still plenty of local manufacturing taking place in many sectors. While it is true that the manufacturing sector in Australia has been gradually shrinking (the number of manufacturers in Australia has fallen from 96,000 10..... Read More

Unique diamond grid for high strength void former pod design

The unique shape of Foamex's StyroPod has many benefits; not only does it give this waffle pod void former system heightened strength and flexibility, it is also durable, lightweight, and easy to handle. The size and shape of the foam pillars that form the diamond offers optimum support..... Read More
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